Les Gais Galants is a dancing group that tries to keep old dances, which were danced at the European courts, alive. Dancing was historically seen a way to find your spouse. That is why you don’t need a fixed partner with court dancing. While you dance, you get in contact with (mostly) all of the other dancers.

Les Gais Galants is established in1964 and has a long history. The present board is Romée van Mal as chair and Wieke Meijer as secretary and treasurer. The dancing lessons are given by our own teachers, who are members of our group. The dance teachers are Enti Arends, Kasper Loopstra and Wieke Meijer.

We do not only provide dancing lessons but we also organise other activities for and with our members. One of our activities is our annual gala ball. Other activities are our Gallantweekend, the Christmas dinner and our end of the year-party. For all our activities, you can have a look in our calendar.

Besides the lessons and activities, we do also provide performances and workshops. With those performances and workshops we dance in self made historical costumes. In this way, a performance is not only about dancing but also about the whole historical setting. During workshops we let people join in with the court dancing and teach them the basics so they can have a court dance experience.

we have a lot of ex-members that are very involved. A few years ago you would mainly see them during the balls, but now there are several of them that attend courses every now and then. A few regularly come to perform with us, which makes it possible to show a greater variety of dances. The more, the merrier!

Besides our own group there are several court dancing groups trough Holland. Those groups are Plaisir Courtois in Groningen, Les Precieuses Ridicules in Nijmegen and Tour de Mains in Den Haag.