Les Gais Galants can also come to your event! We provide performances and workshops as a part of your program.

A performance can exist of different parts of dance or costume demonstrations, but we can also be part of the historical setting. During longer performances we often add a storyline (a play) to let the different dances become one complete show. A performance can be adapted to your questions and wishes.

During a workshop we can teach one or more dances to your audience, where experience and mobility of the participants is taken into account. Workshops are given in Dutch or English, depending on your audience.

If you want to book a performance or workshop, you can get in contact with Romée van Mal, by sending an e-mail to optredens@lesgaisgalants.nl or by calling to +316-15642242. If you’ve got questions or wishes other than the above, please also get in contact with us. We would like to help you get the perfect event!